Code of Conduct

English Short Mat Bowling Association Code of Conduct


The ESMBA Code of Conduct is applicable to all ESMBA registered players and spectators. It is the responsibility of all to abide by this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the player/players being excluded from the competition.

Ignorance of this code is no defence.

Conduct, Ethics, and Behaviour

All Members Must.

a) Always respect other players, coaches, spectators, officials, umpires, and markers including whilst using social media sites.

b) Players must comply to all ESMBA Polices which include Safeguarding and social media.

c) Never participate when under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. Alcohol must not be consumed whilst playing but may be consumed in moderation whilst not playing (be aware of venue restrictions).

d) No smoking or vaping is allowed whilst in the venue (be aware of venue restrictions).

e) Accept success and failure.

f) Recognise good play by team-mates and opponents and set a positive example for all.

g) Never use foul, sexist, abusive, racist or any prejudicial language to others and do not tolerate it from anyone else.

h) Abide by accepted etiquette of the sport and play to current ESMBA rules and regulations, (or as modified for the event). Do not manipulate rules to gain an advantage.

i) Accept without question all umpiring, marker, and line decisions.

j) Accept all team management decisions, (including the right to move or change players).

k) Players not engaged in playing, are expected to remain present and support their fellow team members during each match.

l) Abide by the restrictions/requirements of the venue.

m) Mobile phones and similar devices must not be used whilst playing, they are distracting and disrespectful to the opposition.

August 2023