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For email entry's please send to [email protected]. Please send club Registrations ASAP to help with next years fixture's.

2024/25 SEESMBL Entry Form (complete by 1st September)

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Team Details (please write clearly)

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Home Fixture Day (Mon-Sun)

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Memorial Cup Entry (£5)

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(if more teams required, please write overleaf )

The Memorial Cup is a team of only 4 players and must come from the team they have entered in the league. It is expected for all teams to enter the Memorial cup, If not entering a team in Memorial Cup, please specify why:

Details of person all league correspondence to be sent to.


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DECLARATION by completing this form you give SEESMBL permission to use above personal data for advising its members of the events, website, programmes, news, membership and other items of interest relating to the association.

Player Details

You must fill in this section to prove a recognised club. All committee members and players must be registered with Essex County Short Mat Bowls Association and in turn the ESMBA.






Phone Number

ESMBA Number

ESMBA Number

Full Name

ESMBA Number

Full Name

Additional players can be registered anytime as long as the details and payment is received by the League Secretary before they play an official league game.

Fees and Subscription

Club Registration Fee: £12.50 per Club (this includes 2 tickets for presentation evening)

Member/Player Fee: £2.00 per person

Memorial Cup Entry: £5:00 per team

All cheques payable to South East Essex Short Mat Bowls League

Online payments to:

Barclays - A/C name South East Essex Short Mat Bowls League

Sort code 20 12 21

A/c no 73075605

Please advise us of the following

Total monies sending:

Please specify which account the cheque/online payment is coming from: